BFNA Genealogy has a documented history known for its absolute accuracy and scope of information.  Biographies of outstanding Blaisdell members are recorded along with their contributions to their communities.  Early issues of the Blaisdell Papers contain fascinating family history and genealogy data  that would be a cherished asset to the libraries of family members.

Various Spellings of Blaisdell

The Association has documented 38 different spellings of the family’s surname.  Blaisdell, Blasdel, Blasdell, Bleasdale, Bleasdell, and Blasdale are the most common in North America.  Accuracy and uniformity of spelling appear not to have been concerns among our forebears.

            Most Common Surnames

Allen, Anderson, Baker, Berry, Blaisdell, Blake, Blasdel, Blasdell, Bleasedell, Brown, Campbell, Carter, Chamberlain, Chase, Clark, Clough, Colby, Cook, Currier, Davis, Dow, Eaton, Emerson, Ewbank, Fellows, Flanders, Fogg, Fowler, Goodwin, Gray, Hall, Harper, Harriman, Hayes, Hildreth, Hoyt, Jackson, James, Johnson, Jones, Kitson, Locke, Marshall, Martin, McIntire, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morse, Moulton, Nowlin, Page, Parker, Parsons, Perkins, Pierce, Prescott, Putney, Ratcliff, Robinson, Rogers, Sanborn, Sargent, Shaw, Smith, Stevens, Taylor, Thompson, Tibbetts, Tilton and Walker. 


Early record keeping began in 1935 when the BFNA was formed.  Genealogical information was hand-written or typed on sheets of paper.  This format changed in 1991 when data was transferred to computers.  Primary source documents are presently stored in St. Louis, MO.  Over 74,000 Blaisdell descendants and related family members are recorded in the popular lineage-linked PAF database.

Recorded notes on family members include biographical sketches, military records (including Revolutionary War service notes required for DAR / SAR membership), education, residence, organizational affiliations, census data, correspondents and sources of information.  Photographs and full obituaries are added frequently.

Research data is available on existing documentation through the BFNA Genealogist.  Those wishing to add information to the BFNA database should carefully review and verify their data (births, marriages, deaths, weddings, anniversaries, obituaries, photographs, etc.) to ensure that BFNA records are accurate and well maintained.

Blaisdell history has been recorded on micro-fiche and is available in LDS Family History Library centers around the world.  More information will be added including the lineage-linked Blaisdell PAF database.

The Association digitizes documents, photos, and the BFNA journal Blaisdell Papers (published in June and December).  The Genealogical Society of Utah has been given permission to post digitized copies of the Blaisdell Papers dating back to 1935.  These pages can be downloaded from their website and copied at no charge. 


Contact Information

Margaret Guss, BFNA Genealogist

Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034




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