Blaisdell Papers


Blaisdell Papers

The Blaisdell Papers have been published by the Blaisdell Family National Association (BFNA) at least twice a year since 1935, making it the fifth oldest, continuously published family journal in the US. 

The Blaisdell Papers document the genealogy, history, news items, accomplishments, births, marriages, anniversaries, deaths and obituaries of Blaisdell family members.  These stories are a reflection of our nationís cultural and genealogical heritage.  

Published in June and December, each issue now averages 84 pages (on acid free paper for longer shelf life) with an average of 40 black and white photos per issue.  Since 1935 there have been 12 volunteer editors.

The Editor welcomes news articles of Blaisdell family members: accomplishments, recognitions, graduations from high school, college or trade school, baptisms, weddings, historical accounts, memoirs, poems.  Send original photos by email attachment in .jpg at 300 dpi or by mail, and they will be scanned and returned to you.

The Blaisdell Papers will be sent to any genealogical library or historical society requesting a subscription.  Currently 38 leading genealogical libraries are receiving Blaisdell Papers

Subscription to the Blaisdell Papers is $15 per year which automatically conveys BFNA membership to the subscriber.  Gift memberships are $12 per year.  Blaisdell Papers on DVD containing publications beginning in Ö publications (1935-2015) is available for $15. 

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For those who cannot afford an annual BFNA Basic Membership in order to receive Blaisdell Papers, the Association will send these at no cost as long as we have the funds to do so.  Donations to the Associationís Endowment Fund enable us to help those with more limited resources.

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John Blasdel Jr., Editor, Blaisdell Papers

            Email address:

            Street address:  2159 Basket Lane, Apt 306, Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

            Phone: ( 513) 919-2609