Frank William Blaisdell, M. D., San Francisco, CA, b. 1927 - , for whom the Blaisdell Library is named at the University of California Davis Health System Center, Sacramento, where he had been Professor of Surgery before retiring.  He is a 1952 graduate of Stanford School of Medicine, which awarded him the J. E. Wallace Sterling Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002.   Considered the father of the modern trauma center for his work at San Francisco General Hospital, 1966-1978, Dr. Blaisdell was board-certified in these surgical fields: general, thoracic, vascular and critical care.  He said, “The general surgeon works hard; the hours are long; the stress can be great….I also like the black box of not knowing what you’re going to encounter [in trauma care]….Trauma prepares a surgeon to deal with any part of the body…a chance to use all of [one’s] medical training.”